Prayer dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream about prayer may illustrate repose, appreciation and sincere friendship. Your dream may specify that some person should be trustworthy or sure in relation to your person. Nevertheless, if vision of dream left you with sad emotion then such dream can determine vice versa substance: a person of great significance might be iniquitous and/or insecure in relation to your fortune.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung analysis of the dream about prayer connotes freewheeling resolution, gender eroticism, originality and energy.
Supportive renewal are ahead when: prayer - It hints the circumstance that puts you in a superior position. You are a notch above the others. Differently, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream may indicate backwards implication: an unspecified person can be deceptive or misleading in relation to your interests.
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